Friday, September 3, 2010

Adding the Details continued

Once I finished building and playing the Test Bunny map, it was time to go back to work on the main map.

I finished stringing the map and then went to work on filling in the water and shoreline.
Using an entire bottle of water effects glue, something I have never used before, I filled in 64 squares of water space. Which is less than half of the 136 that were originally planned for the map. At $16 a bottle I wasn't spending that much just to make cool looking water. Instead I just added grass into the unfilled water section, making it disappear. So, now the water only spans half the board instead of the whole board, and ends in a nice bed of rocks.
After adding the rocks, I filled up the remaining left over water space with more grass.
I also painted the main structure in stone effects spray paint to give it a more realistic look. it is the same type of paint I used to paint the small. Sadly the paint doesn't go very far, so it is still going to need more paint. I figure that I will end up painting the structure many times over the future years.
However, by this point I was starting to get antsy and just wanted to play on it, so I opted to leave out the road work and sidewalk off the third level. The side walk is pre-made model railroad sidewalk, so it can be used for almost anything, with ease. I'm thinking I may use it for bridges on future structures.
I then quickly put the grass on the hills. I wasn't worried about the fine details. I was more concerned about just playing on it. It was coming together very nicely.

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