Thursday, September 2, 2010

Test Bunny

Then I went "SHIT!" I didn't plan on making a second map, but I needed something to use as a test bunny.

After I started laying down lines on the main map, using yarn, I decided I better figure out what I was actually going to do. I wasn't sure if I wanted to paint the lines or just use the yarn. The original yarn lines I laid down were meant as guide lines for later painted lines, but the yarn was actually really easy to work with. So, I opted to make a second smaller board to test out which I liked better.

The paint is good and very effective, but yarn is so much faster and easier to work with. It took me a little time to measure out, place and then glue down the yarn. I was able to play the 14 x 32 square map less than an hour after it was stringed. Also it's size means it can easily be added to the 24 x 32 square map.

The first game played on the test bunny board was 1200 points, JLA vs X-Men. I also built some simple walls, to be played as blocking terrain. One of the walls also is a fully functioning raised platform if you stand it up on it's ends.
My son was sent out on a quest for sticks and twigs that could be made into trees. Because of the way they were quickly made they had to be played as blocking terrain, and heavy objects.
The only downside to all the walls, both the structure and the simple ones, is the inability to destroy them like you normally would with blocking terrain on a standard map. Future walls will be designed to allow for destruction.

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