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Rules for Game Play on the Original 3D Heroclix Map (Aug 29, 2010)

Note: These are the most up to date rules as of August 29, 2010.

When in doubt standard rules of elevation still apply. However, there are now exceptions to certain rules, based on levels of elevation. All map rules are designed to enhance the game play experience.

Don't argue, role a single D6, 1-3 it doesn't work, 4-6 it does.


Amendments To Rules Of Elevation
If there is only one level of elevation between adjacent characters, they may engage in close combat attack and defense. If characters are separated by more than two levels of elevation, standard rules apply. This is to represent fighting on the stairs, or hills.

Starting Area
There are no clearly marked starting areas, due to how versitile the map is. A team could start anywhere. However, once starting areas are fairly decided, thery are built in a cube fashion, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, based on the number of characters on a team.

Roof Top Guard Walls
The roof tops and connecting bridge are surrounded by guard walls. These walls impair line of sight by two squares when determining line of sight.Which means standard size characters can not attack straight down or to the second square from the wall. Giants are only blocked if they are in a square adjacent to the wall. Colossal size characters are not blocked at all.

Roof Top to Roof Top Combat
Combat across the roof top bridge is played normally. However, attacking from roof top to roof top is slightly different. A standard size character, can attack any other standard size character from up to three squares away from the guard wall. The character being attacked can also be up to three squares away from the wall at the same time. Giant size characters recieve one extra square on both sides. These rules do not apply to colossal size characters.

Hindering Terrain

These are swatches of grass that clearly have a border. The only border presently being used on the map looks like foliage.

Shadowed Terrain
These are areas that are closed off and are covered by a large ceiling. The Main Bridge is a prime example of this. Shadowed terrain offers all the advantages/disadvantages of hindering terrain, but without the movement restrictions. One square in from the top of the ceiling is not shadowed.

Main Bridge
Giant size characters that are taller than the main bridge can move under it, but can not stop under it. Which means that giant characters must have a movement of 7 or greater to pass under the bridge. There is the option of going over the bridge if the character is tall enough to reach the top. However, the wall at the back of the bridge blocks this option, from the one direction, with my tallest giant, Surtur.

Rule of 45
This applies to flight for the purpose of moving up and leap climb for the purpose of moving down. If a flying character is within a 45-90 degree angle of the top edge of a higher point of elevation their movement count changes. If a character using Leap/Climb is jumping off an elevated edge they can land on the ground anywhere in between 90-54 degrees. Which means if a character is at 5 squares high they can use leap climb to jump down and up to 5 squares out, before they must be considered on the ground.

Speed Combat Abilities
All characters with the foot speed symbol move the same as usual.
Characters with the wing speed symbol, that have running shot or hypersonic speed, may make actual ariel attacks, eliminating hindering elements like the guard walls around the top of the rooves, and then drop to the ground afterward. All line of sight rules, before and after the attack still apply. When a flying character flies upward, if they are within the Rule of 45 they may move at a rate of two to one instead. So, if they are flying up six elevations it only counts as three for movement purposes.
Characters with the dolphin speed symbol are not hindered by downward flowing water either.

Leap/Climb Movement going up a wall must be counted by the levels of elevation a character is rising. Counting begins when the character is adjacent to the wall. When a character is leaping off an edge Rule of 45 takes effect, and movement only counts for the number of squares the character moves away from the edge while in the air. It takes less effort to jump off a wall than to climb up it.
Phasing/Teleport Verticle movement must be counted up and down.
Charge You can charge up hills and stairs.

Attack Combat Abilities
Characters with the fist or duo attack symbols are played as normal.
Characters with the Sharpshooter symbol ignore all rules regarding guard walls. All other sharpshooter rules still apply.

Pulse Wave Use as normal, but the attack only applies to the level it's being used on. If it is used on the stairs or hills it moves at the angle of the hills and stairs.
Quake This can only be used on the level that the character is standing on. If it is used on the hills or stairs it only effects the hills or stairs.
Telekinesis Play as normal, but count levels of elevation for movement purposes as needed.

Defense Combat Abilities
All defense powers and abilities are played as normal.

Damage Combat Abilities
Giant and Colossal symbol character's line of sight is strictly based on the size of the character.
Some colossal characters such as Galactus and Fin Fang Foom can see all ranges of elevation at the same time, simply because they are that big. However, they can not see under the bridges at lower elevations, for the exact same reason. Also if they are standing adjacent to any bridge they can not see under it, but they may still use attacks like quake to attack those they can't see under the bridge.
Colossal charaters like Anti-Monitor can attack heights equal to their own. For example Anti-Monitor can clearly reach and see the main bridge even when he is standing on the main board, but standard rules of elevation take effect after that.
All Giant characters can reach two levels of elevation no matter how they are sculpted, some may be able to reach higher depending on the size. This applies to line of sight and movement. Giants may also use the carry ability to lift other characters to levels of elevation they can reach.

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